Perinatal Neonatal



Good nutrition, exercise, and healthy lifestyle choices are important before and during pregnancy

  • Before you get pregnant, it's a good idea to try to eat healthy foods so that you are as healthy as possible. Many of us know of ways we could improve our diet. But we also know how hard it can be to change what and how much we eat.

    It can make it easier to begin by first adding more healthy foods into your diet before taking away unhealthy foods. Start by adding more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet. This will put you on the right track toward a more balanced diet that contains

    • Carbohydrates
      • A little more than half of what we eat should be carbohydrates (carbs). Try to get most of your carbs from whole grains, like whole grain bread and brown rice. Avoid sugary foods and drinks like candy and soda.
    • Protein
      • Protein helps the fetus grow. Protein is found in meat and dairy products as well as tofu and beans. If you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, you can still have a healthy pregnancy. But talk to your health care provider to make sure you are getting enough protein.
    • Fats
      • Fats help us absorb vitamins. Most of us get enough fat in our diet. It is important during pregnancy to get fat from fish and vegetable sources.
    • Fiber
      • You can get fiber through fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Have at least 3–5 servings per day. Many women experience constipation when they are pregnant. Eating fiber can help you avoid constipation.