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Pre-Pregnancy Checkups

Schedule a visit with a health care provider before getting pregnant

  • Many women and their partners can benefit from talking to a health care provider about their plan to become pregnant. A health care provider can tell you about any tests that you may want or need, as well as any lifestyle or diet changes that you may want to make. These kinds of appointments are sometimes called Pre-conception or Pre-pregnancy planning visits.
  • At a Pre-pregnancy visit, your health care provider will take your medical history. Your provider may also ask about the potential father's medical history. This checkup may also include an overall physical exam, Pap test and pelvic exam and blood and urine tests.
  • Pre-pregnancy visits especially benefit women with certain conditions that can make a pregnancy more difficult. Make sure to schedule a Pre-pregnancy visit if you
    • have heart or kidney disease, high blood pressure or other chronic conditions such as diabetes, lupus, or HIV/AIDS
    • have a history of unexplained stillbirths, miscarriage, or have had other children born prematurely
    • know you are at personal risk of having a child with birth defects or a genetic disorder
    • have or have had a sexually transmitted infection
    • have a weight problem or a history of eating disorders
    • are older than 35